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Thank you Home Depot for helping fight the opioid crisis in Natick

Thank you Home Depot for helping fight the opioid crisis in Natick

This year President Joey Gagliardi has focused the club on fighting the growing opioid crisis in our community. Opioids have become a concern for most communities and Natick is no exception. In the past few months we have been working with the town officials to come up with a strategy to help fight this crisis and make a difference in lives of our neighbors.

To this end, the town of Natick has asked for our help with their project “Hidden in Plain Sight” initiative. This display intended for ages 21+ helps parents spot signs of at-risk behaviors using an interactive display of a teenager’s bedroom. The display will be seen around town frequently and the Rotary Club of Natick is glad to be a part of this important project.

Today, Home Depot associates Gayle and Gary helped Natick Rotary Club with discounted purchase for these storage trunks.

Natick Rotary Club is donating them to the Natick Opioid Task Force in an ongoing effort to raise awareness for the opioid epidemic. The trunks will be used for storage for the Hidden in Plain site kids bedroom display. And while empty will be used to prop up an air mattress to look like a regular bed.

Thank you Natick Home Depot for your support!