Natick Rotary Sprocket 3/1/16

The meeting was called to order by President, Trish Kelly,

Sergeant at Arms Sharon Sharpe led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Verna led us in a singing of Home on the Range, and Peter Golden gave the invocation.

Today’s Guests: Asst. Dist. Gov. Rich Simon, Jim Stone of the Nashoba Club, and Mark Conegallo


· March 10, 2016 will be the next Open Door. Peter is planning a Maple Breakfast theme (We’re back at St. Paul’s)

· March 13, 2016 will be the St. Patrick’s Day Senior Brunch. Ben requests everyone’s assistance.

Guest Speaker

Jim Stone gave a presentation on the District Conference which will be themed “Plymouth Rocks”. The Conference will be held May 20-22, 2016, at the 1620 Hotel (formerly the Radisson Hotel) in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Membership Speakers

The Membership Chairmen, Joe and Vinny spoke about ways to enhance and expand membership of the Club, which include the following:

1. Utilizing the upcoming, once a month evening meetings to invite

individuals, who are unable to attend our lunch time meetings.

2. Focus on inviting community leaders to our meetings.

3. Try to have the evening meetings sponsored by local community

businesses, which would mean that funds normally used to pay

meal costs could be better utilized by the Club.

4. Possible trial memberships, which are similar to Friends of Rotary,

which will allow potential members to get a feel for the Club.

5. During meetings, when we have potential members as guests, we will

highlight all the things that Rotary and Rotarians do.


Rachel pulled the winning ticket, but not the Queen of Hearts. Better luck next time…

Respectfully Submitted

George E. Levoy

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