Natick Rotary Sprocket 3/15/16

The meeting was called to order by President, Trish Kelly,

Sergeant at Arms, Sharon Sharpe, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Verna led us in a singing of Amazing Grace, and Dr. Keefe gave the invocation.

Today’s Guests: Rabbi Kushner (Today’s Speaker), Teri Banerjee (visiting Rotarian from Framingham Club), Michelle DeSimone (visiting Rotarian from Neponset Sunrise Rotary), Nancy and Ken Phillips (parents of Ken, Jr.), Andy Fergeson, Rick Tabor, Mark Conegallo, Kelly Ann Kirby, Jane Finley and Stu Brandt


· Our first evening meeting will be on April 19th at 6:00 P.M.. Please reach out to people, who cannot make the day time meetings. Any questions call or email Vinny at (508) 479-1049 or vincent

· There will be a meeting of the Installation Committee, after today’s meeting.

· Anyone, who would like a copy of Rabbi Kushner’s latest book, can buy one after the meeting.

· Sponsorship Forms for the Tour de Natick, are now available for distribution. If you have questions, contact Eric or Mark S.

Guest Speaker

Rabbi Kushner was introduced by Ben Greenberg.

He discussed his latest book “Nine Essential Things I Learned About Life”. For today’s talk, the Rabbi focused on two of the essential things, namely:

1. The need to rethink what we believe about God –

– People have a psychological need to believe God is all

powerful, then become disappointed when things don’t go

the way they would like.

– People must outgrow the need to believe that everything that

happens in the world is because God wants it to.

2. The Biblical story of Adam and Eve has been misunderstood for 2,000


– The key to the story is in the name of the fruit.

– The fruit is the knowledge of the difference between good and

bad and a creature that will understand this difference.

– The creature of which he speaks is man, as animals do not have

the capacity to distinguish between good and bad.

– This capacity is what makes humanity unique.

Rabbi Kushner left us with the following quote:

“The essence of religion is the substitution of choice for instinct.”


Scott pulled the winning ticket, but not the Queen of Hearts. Better luck next time…

Respectfully Submitted

George E. Levoy

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