Natick Rotary Sprocket 3/29/16

The meeting was called to order by President, Trish Kelly, Sergeant at Arms, Sharon Sharpe led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Peter Golden led us in a singing of McNamara’s Band, Dr. Keefe gave the invocation.

Today’s Guests: Michelle DeSimone, Rick Tabor, Mark Conegallo, Craig Kluchevitz, Marge Balcom, Kelly Ann Kirby, Stephanie Rhee (Daughter of David),Ted Welte and Ian Mevorach.


  • Today is Voting Day – Please Vote
  • Board Meeting this Thursday, March 31st, 5:00 pm at Library
  • Next Open Door is Thursday, April 14th
  • First artist reception a Common Street Community Church is this Thursday
  • Think about potential Sponsors for the Tour de Natick
  • Strivers Mother’s Day 5k run/walk can use more participants

Guest Speaker

Linda Stetson introduced our speaker, Marge Balcom, of the Natick Historical Society. Marge spoke about the mission of the Historical Society, which is to collect, preserve and protect anything that has to do with Natick’s History. She indicated the following facts about the Historical Society:

– School programs are set up for visits by students.

– It has published a book “Stories of Natick”, now in its third printing.

– It is starting a Presentation Group to get people excited about Natick’s history.

– Archives are kept in 38 file drawers.

– There are 960 volumes of old books, which deal with the history of Natick.

– The Museum includes an Indian artifact case.

– The 1658 John Eliot Bible and the Takawambay desk are still held at the museum.

Marge also spoke of how Natick really took off, after the Civil War, and the period of 1865-1910 was considered the “Golden Age of Natick”.


Scott pulled the winning ticket, but not the Queen of Hearts. Better luck next time…

Vinny Tingley will be the Sprocket Editor for April.

Respectfully Submitted,

George E. Levoy

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