Natick Rotary Sprocket December 19, 2017

Rotary Club of Natick Sprocket


President Joey called the meeting to order and Rick led us in the pledge. Verna played and we sang “Charlie and the MTA” song and Peter gave the invocation.

Guests: Besides our guest speaker, Ed Carr (from the Regional Transit Authority), Neal Lipson was visiting again and one of our scholar recipients, Amy Materelli was visiting as well.


– President Joey announced:

  • there would be no meeting on December 26th or January 2nd so the next meeting will be held on January 9th ,
  • that the Food Pantry on January 3rd will be staffed by Eric, Brian and Mark
  • Place to Turn pantry duties this month are Ken and Brian
  • Sprocket Editor for January is Greg T.
  • The “Visioning” event date has been changed from March 6th” to March 13th at the Dolphin at 5-9 PM (and will take the place of our regular lunch meeting)
  • The “February Flurry” event will take place on February 10 at 6-9 PM at the Community Senior Center and will feature Christine Guthery (Spark Kindness) and Cheryle Lucenta (SOAR Natick) as the guest speakers and that SPONSORS ARE NEEDED (see. Flyer sent last week and/or contact Eric)
  • The next Board meeting will be on January 4th

Guest Speaker:

Ed Carr first gave us a quick update on the importance of the Metrowest Regional Transit Authority and the growth of the Authority over the last 10 years, both providing transportation and employment opportunities to people with and without disabilities.

Ed then spoke to us about the Lancers which is a ceremonial cavalry troop in the Massachusetts Organized Militia. While the National Lancers have served in 17 campaigns in the Civil War and World War I, it is now a ceremonial cavalry organization that participates in parades, patriotic events such as the reenactment of the rides of Paul Revere and William Dawes and other events.

The troop is stationed at Camp DiCarlo, Framingham, Massachusetts where it maintains an active training schedule. Weekly drills are held on the parade field in order to maintain our horsemanship, drill and discipline. The National Lancers are justly proud of the unit’s history, traditions and service to the Commonwealth and nation.

Ed then spoke about a recently enacted Lancers program called “Equine Therapy” that can provide significant therapeutic benefits to Veterans struggling from PTSD, as well as anyone suffering from autism or other emotional issues as horses offer a unique insight and therapeutic benefits not found in other animals.

In order to better understand the therapeutic benefits of “equine therapy”, Ed suggested reading Tim Hayes’ book entitled “Riding Home” and welcomed anyone who is interested in this program to contact Ed directly.


Our guest speaker Ed Carr picked the lucky number but not the lucky card!

Respectfully Submitted,

Tim/George Richards

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