Rotary Club of Natick Earns District Grant

We Rise by Lifting Others

Clubs are providing outstanding service with District Grants in creative ways.

Approved Grants

The 2017-18 grant cycle is well under way with grants of all types providing service and support to needy causes. Currently grants have an estimated budget of $87,385 with $41,500 in District Designated Funds (DDF). There is still $11,000 available for club sponsored districts grants. Look at what clubs are doing so far to provide service above self.

Six Rotary clubs were right out of the gate including the RC of Natick with a grant to support the Natick Opioid Task Force. Members volunteered at a town wide initiative to raise awareness and education, especially for parents, about opioid abuse. Three populations were impacted by their grant: Adolescents: Education and prevention. Parents: Awareness of what kids are doing. Seniors: Education because their prescriptions can be used by kids. The Natick RC supported the “Hidden in Plain Sight” room that educates adults on how to recognize where drugs may be hidden in a seemingly innocent room

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